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If you’re looking for quick cash, you can sell to us anything you own of value.
We buy and sell jewelry gold, silver, diamonds, watches, antiques

Appraisal process varies depending on the type of item for example, jewelry is evaluated differently than a blu-ray players, but every appraisal is done with the intent of getting you the money you need.

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Authenticating Gold & Diamonds

When using jewelry as collateral, our professionally trained brokers will authenticate the precious metal and diamonds that adorn the piece. We will always ask your permission to test your item before we begin the authentication process that includes a visual inspection using a jeweler’s loupe, weighing the item, sizing (determining carat weight) any diamonds and noting the cut, color, clarity of each. We will test the metal using a special acid that determines the karat of gold. This process does not damage your jewelry.

Testing General Merchandise

When it’s general merchandise you want to pawn—TVs, stereos, DVD players, cameras, power tools etc. We will test each item to ensure it is in good working condition. That includes, but is not limited to, a visual inspection, plugging in an item and turning it on, and noting if any accessories are included. The better the condition of your item, the more money we can offer you. This is true for any collateral.

New vs. Pre-owned

Our offer values are based on pre-owned retail prices, not what the item cost when it was new. Any item used as collateral that is turned over to us and made available for sale is pre-owned and will be priced accordingly on our sales floor. The offer amount we give you is based on that anticipated selling price. Our internal pricing and research department reviews thousands of items to ensure that our loan values are in line with the general marketplace for pre-owned merchandise.

WE CAN OFFER TRADE DEALS  If you have a ring you no longer wear but we have one that you like in our store, we would consider making a trade.

Overall Condition of the Item

The condition of an item is always taken into account during the appraisal process. If a 40-inch television comes in that is in perfect condition and another 40-inch television comes in with a scuffed cabinet, we will offer more on the TV that is in better condition. This is true for any item used as collateral.

As your Local Pawn Shop we has been delivering results since we opened. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.
We provide a convenient and fast solution to your need for short-term cash.
We are here to serve you.
Syracuse Pawn employees are trained to provide you with the best information possible to keep your mind at ease.

Come to our Pawn Shop to get the personalized offer experience you deserve. If you are not looking for a loan, we also buy items. Come in today for an appraisal.

Our Pawn Store in Liverpool, NY offers a variety of quality items at low, prices!
Up to 75% less than what you would pay in a store! Our inventory changes every day. So come in and check out our store to see if we have what you need for a fraction of the price.

sell your unwanted jewelry, gold, silver

Our Pawn Store in Liverpool, NY offers a variety of quality items at low, low prices! Over 75% less than what you would pay in a store! Our inventory changes every day. So come in and check out our store to see if we have what you need for a fraction of the price.


BUY DVD PLAYER, sell blu ray payer

We buy and sell DVD/Blue Ray dvd players. Portable dvd players, dvd recorders, home theaters.

buy and sell phone, smartphone iphone, android phone

We buy and sell Cellphones / iPods. iphones, sim card phones, smart phones, ipods, itouch, nano…

sell and buy new or used Gaming Systems
We buy and sell Gaming Systems. Playstation 2, playstation 3, playstation xbox360, xbox One, wii, psp, ds, dsi…

buy and sell used and new music instruments

We buy and sell Musical Instruments.  Guitars, keyboards, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, flutes, guitar amps, ect.

buy and sell your Plasma LCD LED TV

We buy and sell Tv’s/LCD’s Plasma, lcd, led, 3d, all sizes.

gj equipment for sale

We buy and sell DJ Equipment mixers, recorders, turntables, cd-j, speakers, stereos, amplifiers, microphones, racks, studio equipment.

BUY DSLR, sell digital camera for cash

We buy and sell Cameras/Video Equipment.  Digital slr cameras, camcorders, lenses, professional camcorders and cameras. We buy used photo equipment every day. We’re looking for gently used cameras & accessories in relatively good condition.

buy and sell computer

We buy and sell Computers laptops, desktops, iPad, tablets, netbooks and projectors.

 Power Tools Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch

We buy and sell used or new Power Tools Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt and others.

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